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Raymarine A66089 transducer M260 In Hull 1kW, 50/200 kHz - Airmar M260-RAY
Raymarine A66089 transducer M260 In Hull 1kW, 50/200 kHz - Airmar M260-RAY
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Manufacturer Airmar
SKU 4309
MPN: In Hull:1kW - M260

Brief Description
Detailed Description

Raymarine A66089 transducer M260 In Hull 1kW, 50/200 kHz - Airmar M260-RAY

7F-Radar (7 pin)


Raymarine C-Series, E-Series, DSM250, DSM300, DSM30, L755, SL755, L760, SL760, L770D, L770DRC, L1250, SL1250, SL1260, 50/200 kHz Dual Frequency, 500 W/1 kW Selected Automatically


The M260-RAYV2 is also know as Raymarine transducer model # A66089


The M260 1 kW in-hull transducer , is designed with Airmar's exclusive Broadband Ceramic Technology. The 200 kHz element provides broadband performance resulting in higher-resolution without sacrificing sensitivity. The M260’s narrow beam provides crisp image detail especially suited for fishing shelves, intricate bottom structures and wrecks. Combined with a seven-element 50 kHz array, this in-hull has excellent deep-water detection. Because the M260 has narrow beams at both frequencies, separation of individual targets and the ability to distinguish between fish and the bottom makes finding fish easy.

Optimal fishfinder performance no longer requires drilling a hole in the hull! In-hull mounting eliminates cavitation and turbulence under the transducer’s face. The M260 is able to transmit and receive through solid fiberglass, displaying sharp detailed images and bottom tracking at speeds exceeding 30 knots (34 MPH). Installation simply requires adhering the tank to the inside of the vessel, leaving a clean and smooth hull exterior!

• Frequency: 50 kHz and 200 kHz
• Cone: 19° / 6°
• RMS Power: 1,000 W
• In-Hull, Plastic Housing
• Depth only
• Maximum Depth Range: 50 kHz - 529m to 735m (1,800’ to 2,500’) 200 kHz - 206m to 294m (700’ to 1,000’)
• Boat Size: 8m (25’) and up
• Top-of-the-line broadband, in-hull transducer
• In-hull version of the popular B260
• Interfaces to any 600 W or 1 kW echosounder
• Recommended for solid fiberglass hulls
• Innovative tank design allows for bow-stern or port-starboard mounting
• Non-toxic anti-freeze (propylene glycol) is used to fill the tank (do not use mineral oil)
• Fiberglass Resin, Fusor 100EZ / T10, and MarineTex epoxy can be used to adhere tank to the hull

Fishing Applications

• Blue-water trolling using 50 kHz
• Deep-water bottom and wreck fishing up to 800m (2,625’)

For complete features, specifications, installation details etc, please visit Airmar's product page here:

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